Il Disc Dog:
Respect and Fun

Imagine an activity that blends the love for your faithful four-legged friend and pure fun

It’s a healthy and positive way to interact and strengthen your bond. Open to all dogs, regardless of breed or age

Positive Communication

Teaching should be based on positive and reinforcing methods. Communication between the handler and the dog is crucial. Your dog should see the game as a reward, not an obligation. Teach them basic commands and always use a friendly and encouraging tone of voice.

Dog Health and Safety

Before you begin, it’s important to ensure that your dog is in good physical health. Remember that this activity can be physically demanding, so it’s crucial to make sure your dog is prepared for it.
Take the time to learn how to throw the frisbee effectively. During the game, be careful about how you throw to avoid potential injuries to your dog.

Fun and Respect

It’s a fun activity for both you and your dog. Always remember that the main goals are to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and have fun together.
Always respect your dog’s limits and don’t force them to do something they don’t want to do. Patience and empathy are the keys to a successful experience.

Frisbee Dog

Disc Dog is a sport rooted in the oldest and purest interaction between humans and dogs – playing together. In its most sophisticated form, this game has evolved into two distinct disciplines: Freestyle and Disc Dog Distance.

The Freestyle routine involves the execution of figures and movements where creative freedom is the only rule. The handler can choose their own music and has up to 2 minutes to demonstrate their skills to the judges.

In the Distance discipline, the handler has one or one and a half minutes, depending on the game format, to throw the frisbee as far as possible. Every time the dog catches the frisbee, the handler earns points. The farther the dog catches the frisbee, the more points the handler accumulates. The game consists of two rounds, and the final ranking is determined by the sum of the points earned in both rounds.

Disc Dog is a passionate community of dog lovers and canine sports enthusiasts dedicated to promoting and spreading the discipline.

Participating in competitions is a unique experience. The tension in the air, the speed of the throws, the acrobatics, and the precision required create an electrifying atmosphere. There are various championships, but the ultimate goal is to be present at the Disc Dog Championship. In the world, there are different organizations, with the most important ones being UFO, AWI, and USDDN.

It’s a fascinating discipline that combines sports, play, skill, and the bond between a human and their best friend, the dog. Whether it’s Freestyle or Distance, the key element is always the interaction between the handler and their dog. This connection, combined with skill and dedication, is what makes the sport so beloved and appreciated worldwide.